Luxury champagne lovers.

     However, we allow ourselves to differentiate the luxury approached in general and the luxury en privé.
     How is artisan champagne defined as fine? Tradition, high quality ingredients and known provenance, production materials, refined style and taste, rarity, complemented by a bespoke design.
     Therefore, we offer you a range of fine artisan champagne that embraces superior quality, at reasonable prices.
                        This is where the story of FINEGRAPES began.
     Short illustration of the landscape in which we were until we reached the approach of this concept: restaurants visited, participants in different events – weddings, baptisms, ceremonies – , opening gala, places where most organizers or hosts wanted to offer something more in the champagne but, the field was either financially unaffordable or did not find the desired product on the market.

Paris, 2020.

      We had the great pleasure to taste the Frerejean Frères champagne, during a business meeting with Guillaume, one of the Frerejean Frères brothers, who in 2005, founded the Frerejean champagne.
      The first question I was asked was: “Can you find luxury champagnes in Romania?”; ”Which ones?”
    My answer was, you know, an exhaustive list of mass production houses.
      The luxurious champagne was presented as artisan champagne. Frerejean Frères is describing it as a fine champagne that promises quality and character.
Frerejean brothers focus on limited production and superior quality compared to existing production on the market.